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How To Choose A Weighted Vest?

weightedvest-main-197x300Weight vests are worn by advanced CrossFit training individuals for adding extra resistance to their training. Any exercises such as jogging, push-ups, sit-ups are done wearing the suit. In order to train with the weight vest, the first step is the choose the right weight vest. They are available in various ranges of weights and makes. Depending on the weight vest you choose, there are many custom options available as well. consider factors such as cost and any other features you would like the weight vest to have before buying one. There are so many best weighted vests 2016. If you require little help in choosing one, can offer best advice.

Consider the cost that you are willing to spend on the weight vest. They are available in prices ranging from $100 to $300. Once you are okay with the budget and narrowed down on some of them, you can think about the other options you need.

Obviously how heavy your weight vest must be is the next option for consideration. The maximum weight available is somewhere near twenty pounds. This might be little light for large athletes. There are variants such as one that can handle 150 pounds and 100 pounds. Some give you the extra benefit of adding and removing weight. This way you can customize it as per your requirements.

The increments in weight could be in the form of half pounds to one or two pounds. This might not sound like much when it comes to incrementing weights. You must keep in mind that with even half pound increment, the workout can get very difficult and heavy. Therefore, consider these options as well. The whole point of adding weight vest is to increase the resistance and make your work-out intense. Being intense is okay but making it difficult than it already is not going to make life easy for you.

More than the above factors, how the weight vest is secured onto your body is important. Especially for doing lunges or squats, it is very difficult to find a vest that will be helpful. For running or cross training it becomes crucial to choose a weight vest that can have multiple adjustment options. If it is not hugging the body tightly then it’s not serving its purpose. It should not chafe or jostle while moving. Remember to check the kind of straps and buckles that are available and if it will fit your body perfectly before buying. Most of the weight vests are designed for all body types. If you are particularly well-built look for appropriate size or a weight vests with adjustments so that you can fit into it easily.

There are many advantages of wearing a weight vest for training. One of the major benefits of wearing a weight vest during training is that it improves your overall strength and it helps you to advance your training. It helps in improving the cardiovascular levels of your body. It makes your muscles stronger and stimulates the cells for a better build.

Wearing weight vest has its benefits. But before choosing one, check with your trainer if you are at the right fitness level to wear one.

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